The FCs

ImageInaugurated in 2009/10, the FCs (Fierce Clubman) recognises those in the Club who have demonstrated commitment to the non-cricket aspects of the Club, such as fundraising and Club events.  Each season, the existing FCs nominate and vote for new FCs as appropriate.

This is a purely ceremonial title (unlike Life Membership) and does not give the recipient any special privileges.  However, the Club believes that is important to recognise those who contribute to the off-field success of the Club.

2009/10 Scott Ryan FC Bangers
  Matt Bradbrook FC Double-B
  Graeme Lynch FC Grum
  Gavin Lynch FC Gabby-Jay
  Ben Lynch FC Boy
  Chris Lynch FC Tubby
  Rick Moran FC Prez
  Jack Churchill FC Weapon
  Sam Woods FC Stiffy
  David Trzensinski FC Trigga
2010/11 Carl Neadley FC Carloz
  Geoff Herbert FC Sherbs
2011/12 Sean Sommer FC Fist Pumps
  Brad Anderson FC Pamgry
  Cheryl Moran FC Cher
  Jan Lynch FC Ma
2012/13 Jamie Salter FC Senior Salts
  Mike Newbery FC Hollywood
  George Eden FC Gee
2013/14 Darryl Angel FC Dazzling
  Sharon Seedsman FC Seeds-Ma
2014/15 No inductees  
2015/16 No inductees  
2016/17 Wayne Meakin FC Cow
  Damien Stamato FC Damo
2017/18 No inductees  
2018/19 Craig Jomartz FC Ringo